Episode 30. DOUBLE FEATURE Ft. Trish Jimmie & Tyquill Williams

The vibes are real this week everybody. We're hittin y'all with so much truth from a couple of incredible people that graciously stopped by the studio. We're getting into sensuality with our girl Trish and talking business with our mans Tyquil. It's EPISODE 30 SO WE BROUGHT IN THE BEST. Remember to like/share/subscribe and spread the vibes to help us celebrate 30 episodes!!!! IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

Let's talk about SEX!

Be forewarned, this episode is not for the faint at heart! This week we are opening up about the sexual experience, making a few special calls, and spilling it on our usual segment of "What we learned this week". Thank you all always for your support.  Remember to like, share, and subscribe. #ittakesavillage.