Episode 74. It Takes A Village To Receive A Word

On this week's episode of VVP, Brittain and Kayla are flying (high) and making like Drake, tryna stay light on their toes. Maintaining positivity is a helluva challenge but we're making it work the best we can!! Hear what we've got to say about self-care, the upcoming award season, and mostly just enjoy our jumbled mess of a convo! Contribute if you feel it in your heart and soul and slide right into the DMs. We WANT to hear from you because IT DOESN'T HAPPEN WITHOUT A MF VILLAGE! #ittakesavillage #villagevibespodcast #pocpodcast #oscars #grammys #goldenglobes #blackpanther #blackkklansman #wakandaforever #kevinhart

Episode 57. It Takes A Village To Know When Ya Gotta Go ft. Carlos The Roller Blader

Hey Vibers! We're hittin' it hard with the guests this time around. We want to make sure that we're staying rooted in the village! Our guest this week is the dopest of the dope, Carlos The Roller Blader! They're one of a kind and have graciously stopped by our village this week to kiki (do you love me?) and tell their story. Make sure to TURN IT UP on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and let us know how we're doing by rating because we're sensitive about our shyit! Thank you again, Carlos, for comin' thru to the show and thank you all for listening! #ittakesavillage

Episode. 22 Bucketlists and Beautiful Gowns

Wuddup viberrrrz?! We took a bit of a hiatus due to both need for self-care and technical difficulties but WE BACK IN DIS BITCH. This week, we're goofy af with our new sound effect apps and getting semi-serious with our bucket lists! Think about it... what do you want to accomplish before it's all over? Listen, like, share, subscribe, and e-mail us at villagevibespodcast@gmail.com with your questions, concerns, or anything that hits your spirit. We love y'all and remember-- It takes a village!!

VibeShorts: Phenomenal Woman, Amnah King

Introducing our new short series segments appropriately titled VibeShorts! This series focuses on one on one conversations with individuals, getting to know them and their stories on a deeper level. Today we introduce Amnah King, a truly magnificent person and friend. Thank you supporters and remember It Takes A Village!