Ep 95. LIVE! From The MOMENTOUS:MERCATUSPDX Magazine Launch

Back in April, we were given the privilege of interviewing incredible creatives, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators involved with the Mercatuspdx magazine launch at the Momentous event(Elevating, Connecting, & Celebrating Entrepreneurs of Color). We had HEAVY HITTER guests! We sat down with the greats, including @commissionerhardesty who’s doing major work for POC in PDX, Jamaal Hale at @goodgreenpdx who did beautiful print work for the mag, our love and organizer Amanda with @prosperportland , the incredible force that is @themagicblackunicorn , Kimberly Branam, and the baddest of the bad @savinamonet . Let your ears be serenaded with the sweet sounds of pdx activism, passion, and heart. Shout out of the year goes to @y.g.b.portland , @prosperportland , and @mercatuspdx for giving a platform to the beautiful voices we were so honored to sit with. Much love to all involved and beyond— y’all are the pillars of the village. We love you. #ittakesavillage

It Takes A Village To Learn ft. Erica Fuller

NEW EPISODE ALERT !!!Ok y’all, here’s the deal. We’ve been working our ASSES off for this podcast that we love so dearly, but it’s mostly BTS shit that not many see or hear. Well aren’t your ears in for a fuckin treat because we are FINALLY releasing new content!!!! We’re releasing episodes that were previously recorded with stellar guests that deserve every bit of the praise. Major major thank you to our boo @elevatedphoenix_ for being a fabulous guest and for being so patient with us. And thank you to everyone who’s checked in, met with us, consulted, encouraged, even just asked where the hell we’ve been. We appreciate every follower, listener, and friend of the pod and we hope this new VVP era will both knock u off your feet and lift your spirit into the abyss. We love u all and, here with the consistency and branding, we’d like to remind u that #ittakesavillage


Ok... so... listen. We were lit for this episode, not even tryna lie. Please don't judge our messy tones and incomplete sentences and endless giggles too much. Kayla was mouth breathing and clicking and Brittain was... well, he was Brittain. This is a brief What We Learned This Week— we’re discussing Miguel’s new album, relationships, Super Mario music, how awful the world is, and SZA, just for good measure. We skipped a lotta shit from our new format buuuut we had a good time so enjoy with us and maybe get lit cuz it’ll help you understand our *levels*. Remember: it takes a village [and a splash of liquor]!!

This was an impromptu interview VVP did with Marie Anderson, a well respected and well rounded educator in Seattle, Washington. Marie shared with us her experiences growing up as a youth, and how she overcame social injustice, and shared her experiences with the world. Thank you for your support! Remember #ittakesavillage. Share, like, subscribe, and tell a friend. www.villagevibespdx.com

Episode 2. VibeShorts with Janay Robinson

Hey folks! Kayla is out of town for the next few weeks, so we're bringing you another VibeShorts series. This week we have RaisingtwoJays owner Janay Robinson! She is responsible for all of our VillageVibesPodcast pins and stickers. We thank you Janay for coming to the show and for being a part of our premiere episode! #ittakesavillage ! Be sure to check out VillageVibesPodcast On iTunes and Soundcloud, and anywhere else you can listen to podcasts! Send all questions to VillageVibesPodcast@gmail.com