Episode 50. MAD LATE SON!!! ft. JACE JONES

EPISODE 50 IS HERE!!!!!! We truly cannot believe that we've made it this far. As Brittain would say: GET. ON. THE. WINNING. TEAM. HOES!! We have a VERY special guest this week and a few new ~upgrades~ that we can wait to share with y'all. We're talking about everything, but mostly, BEYONCE. Listen, nobody will ever, EVER, EVERRRRRR match up to her performance... at least not at white-ass Coachella. Listen to the episode to hear more of our breakdown of why Bey is so legendary and also to hear What We Learned with the one & only Jace Jones! As always, much love to our vibers that have been on this journey with us. We're so excited to see what the future holds for VVP and we hope to continue making you all laugh, think, and catch those good-good vibes. It takes a village!!