Episode 52. Just Give Me A Damn Moment

This week, like most weeks, was a week of pure, unadulterated struggles. Brittain and Kayla were both gettin hit with L after L and then came to the podcast to let out alllll of the feelings. We may be off our game, but we're still funny af. There were possibly even a few gems... we don't know remember what they were, but hopefully something hits your spirit! We're talkin royal wedding, female rap, Kayla's whiteness, and Brittain's big realization about self lovery. Tune in, get those goodgood vibes, and like/share/subscribe! Make sure to peep Antonio's new segment, In Case You Were Wondering and catch the new ORIGINAL musical transitions biiiiish! Who else is out here with original music???! Love you all and NEVER FORGET-- It Takes A Village!