What to do when you know you're meant for more

So for all my folk out here who are on their the grind, staying on the hustle, moving through the trenches, searching and desperately knowing they need and deserve more.

1st and foremost: know you are worthy, you are valuable, you are unique (no Viola references please), and no other MOFO has what you have! Like Tupac said "Keep ya head up". And when you feel you can't, have no shame in letting someone close (or not) know that you need support. We need to stop feeling shame and guilt for what we are experiencing, but don't be out here taking advantage of people either. Let your intention to heal and improve be your focus.

2nd: Let go of the fear that you need to do this on your own because no one else cares about you. Not true. While you definitely need to steer your own ship, believe it or not, there are people who want to see you succeed, and will lift you up when you need it. Ask questions, find out who else is going through the same experiences as you. I guarantee you you are not alone. And take a piece of advice that I follow from Goddess Issa Rae, Build your network with other dreamers and go getters who have similar goals, mindsets, and are about working together. Like minded folk.

3rd: And technically this should be first...SELF CARE. Self care is not a luxury my loves. (you like how threw that Mo'Nique reference in right?). You CANNOT do anything in this complex society if you are not keeping up with your health and well being. you come first period. Same goes for your dreams. Ain't nobody gon believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself. And yes it does help to have a support system in place, but if you don't...(I'm still trying to figure that out myself cause lord knows I have triggers and coping mechanisms that need some tweaking)but if you don't ....always know that your journey has not ended until you have decided that it's ended...and even then you can still decide to get back in the game. As I mentioned before, you are unique. There will never be a story, a performance, a skill, a life lived like yours. You are deserving. The hustle is hard, but when you can, give yourself time to let down, let someone take care of you for a change, find a groupon for a float tank, ride your bike, find a bomb ass lounge who's WiFi you can mooch til closing and all you have to do is buy a tea or something. Give yourself some time for yourself.

4th: And this is important. When you know you are meant for something greater, something more, do not...I repeat DO NOT feel bad for choosing you over some job that at the end of the day can always replace you. W E A R E A L W A Y S R E P L A C E A B L E this is why you MUST go for your what you love. Think of it like this. If you were to die today, the powers that be at your job (while I am sure they would mourn you) would have you replaced by the next week. What's more important? (and I know it's a hard choice)  Going for what you are meant to do or working yourself into the ground until you can't no more? I'll wait (polish nails emoji).

5th: B E H O N E S T W I T H Y O U R S E L F A L W A Y S ! Even if you don't disclose the truth to anyone else, at least be true to you. There is no point in withholding the truth from yourself BELOVED!

6th: Hold on to your most sincere and genuine self(where you can). I often recall a time where I felt my compassion for people a lot deeper, cared more, loved a lot more freely. I find sometimes as we get older, our trust in others diminishes because we have been hurt, disrespected, afraid. But if you hold on or at least reflect on a younger more childlike version of yourself, you find you can tap in and out of those spaces, and can utilize them to discern what's meant for you and what isn't.