But first Ima have this Coffee.

Celebrate  yourself! And that's the truth (SZA's grandma's voice)! Celebrate yourself at every turn you can, or at some point in the day. I got up at 5 a.m. and started to plan the day. "What hours might I be able to use to move some more boxes into my new apartment?", "Will I have time between clients to drive lyft and pick up some extra cash?", "OMG everyone is starting to arrive for the Holiday starting today!", etc. etc. Ya'll look, take a damn moment okay. Ain't nothin wrong that. Be mindful of conserving water, but if you want to sit down in the shower and let the water be a therapeutic treatment, do it. Whatever your morning ritual, make sure you complete it daily. It sets you up for the day successfully I believe (and I am aware we all have different schedules, which is why I say at some point in the day)! I love the mornings. It is perfect. Everything resets, the air feels renewed, no one is hustling about, it's quiet in the house, the wifi is faster hehe. My point is give yourself a moment...some space before you head out for your day to celebrate you however that may look. Breathing, meditation, working out, prayer, cooking, music, walking, sitting....you get what I mean. It makes a world of difference. Loves and hugs!


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